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Traditional Rock Climbing in the Peak District- Summer 2016!


I am pleased to announce MIA rock master, Paolo, and I will be runnIMG_2374ing trad climbing trips in the Peak District again this summer. The weekends are designed for all ages and abilities from those wanting to just climb on rock for the first time to those advancing their trad leading skills. Paolo will be dangling from ropes providing 1:1 gear placement instruction and I will be on hand for technical advice and movement coaching.


IMG_2385Dates: 9th-10th July
3rd- 4th September

Location: Peak District

Cost: £90 per person

Accommodation: North Lees Campsite. Not essential you can B&B etc if you prefer but traditionally we all stay in the same campsite and enjoy an evening meal in the pub together on the Saturday night.

What’s on the agenda: Two full days (9-5pm) of climbing including technical rope work and climbing movement workshops.

Who is it for: These weekends are suitable for all ability ranges, from beginners wishing to enjoy some easy top roped climbs to those wishing to advance their trad leading skills.

Not including: accommodation, food, transport

Fontainebleau Coaching April 2017

Be Climbing is heading back to Fontainebleau April 2017 to offer a 3 day coaching workshop in the beautiful forest of boulders south of Paris. The course is designed to help you move efficiently on rock in a fun and stunning environment, whilst developing more advanced techniques and understanding of movement in order to achieve your climbing goals.



Who’s it for?


This workshop is designed for a fairly competent boulderers looking to improve their grade and learn about more advanced movement on rock.


1st- 3rd April 2017

What it involves

Each day we will explore a new location in the forest using the incredibly diverse boulders themselves to facilitate the learning. I will guide this learning using specific routes to explore all areas of bouldering from footwork and balance on slabs to advanced techniques on steep to roof climbs.

The Cost

£120 per person

£220 per person if you wish to include a personalised 6 week training plan and a 1.5hr coaching session with me prior to the trip- email me to find out more if you are interested in this option. It is designed to help you prepare to make the most out of your trip and reach your goals when out there.
What’s Included

6:2 coaching from myself and partner Dan who is helping out keeping everyone safe and happy with spotting and top tips!

Boulder pads are included but the more the merrier if you have your own. Please bring your own climbing shoes and chalk. We will meet in the car park for each climbing location each morning and begin the day from there as a group.


Accommodation & Meals

We will be predominantly based in the Trois Pignons area near Milly-la-Foret. This beautiful village offers great camping facilities (, supermarkets and restaurants. For further accommodation options please contact me.
Getting There

Fontainebleau is around 40minutes south of Paris and around 3 and half hours from Calais. It is easily assessable by car or Eurostar then train to Fontainebleau. However, a car will be essential to get to the bouldering locations.

About your coach Belinda (Be) Fuller-

Be Fuller is the founding director of Be Climbing. She has been teaching climbing for over 10 years and is now an established performance coach and nutritionist. She graduated with a first class degree in Adventure Education, ranked as one of the top 10 climbers in Women’s bouldering and after university traveled the world climbing; Be understands what it takes – technically, physically and mentally to develop an individual’s climbing and have fun doing it! She coaches a huge variety of abilities, from beginners to international competitors.



Be Real Nutrition- Change the way you feel and look….no tricks or supplements, just real whole foods!

Be Real Nutrition Programs are ready for action!!

I’m so excited to share the research I have studied for years with you all. It has been truly life changing for me and the people I have worked with so far (thank you to my committed and trusting guinea pigs!)

If any of these following statements relate to you then, like me and so many others, you too could benefit from changing the way you eat:

* I am constantly hungry and crave carbs / sugary foods..
* My energy levels are up and down throughout the day and I often feel lethargic..
* I regularly feel bloated or uncomfortable after eating..
* I have excess fat around my belly (visceral fat)..
* I want to lean up to put less strain on my fingers when climbing and reach my goals..
* I am in danger of getting or already have diabetes or high blood pressure..
* I have eczema or acne that won’t go away even into adult hood..

All these symptoms have been improved or eradicated when the food ingested matches the dietary needs of the individual. “You are what you eat!”

“The key to Be Real is that it is NOT a conventional diet, it is a lifestyle change and an education in
REAL food which is maintainable for life not just short term weight loss.
It is a highly nutritious way of eating, supported by scientific research. It is designed to reset your appestat, thus reducing hunger and cravings leaving you satisfied for longer.”
It is not a fad, – no tricks or supplements, just real whole foods!

To find out more or book your program contact Belinda:

I am a nutritionist not a doctor or dietitian so if you have an existing condition any advice you follow should be with the support from your doctor.