Be Real Nutrition- Change the way you feel and look….no tricks or supplements, just real whole foods!

Be Real Nutrition Programs are ready for action!!

I’m so excited to share the research I have studied for years with you all. It has been truly life changing for me and the people I have worked with so far (thank you to my committed and trusting guinea pigs!)

If any of these following statements relate to you then, like me and so many others, you too could benefit from changing the way you eat:

* I am constantly hungry and crave carbs / sugary foods..
* My energy levels are up and down throughout the day and I often feel lethargic..
* I regularly feel bloated or uncomfortable after eating..
* I have excess fat around my belly (visceral fat)..
* I want to lean up to put less strain on my fingers when climbing and reach my goals..
* I am in danger of getting or already have diabetes or high blood pressure..
* I have eczema or acne that won’t go away even into adult hood..

All these symptoms have been improved or eradicated when the food ingested matches the dietary needs of the individual. “You are what you eat!”

“The key to Be Real is that it is NOT a conventional diet, it is a lifestyle change and an education in
REAL food which is maintainable for life not just short term weight loss.
It is a highly nutritious way of eating, supported by scientific research. It is designed to reset your appestat, thus reducing hunger and cravings leaving you satisfied for longer.”
It is not a fad, –┬áno tricks or supplements, just real whole foods!

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I am a nutritionist not a doctor or dietitian so if you have an existing condition any advice you follow should be with the support from your doctor.