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Be Real Nutrition- Change the way you feel and look….no tricks or supplements, just real whole foods!

Be Real Nutrition Programs are ready for action!!

I’m so excited to share the research I have studied for years with you all. It has been truly life changing for me and the people I have worked with so far (thank you to my committed and trusting guinea pigs!)

If any of these following statements relate to you then, like me and so many others, you too could benefit from changing the way you eat:

* I am constantly hungry and crave carbs / sugary foods..
* My energy levels are up and down throughout the day and I often feel lethargic..
* I regularly feel bloated or uncomfortable after eating..
* I have excess fat around my belly (visceral fat)..
* I want to lean up to put less strain on my fingers when climbing and reach my goals..
* I am in danger of getting or already have diabetes or high blood pressure..
* I have eczema or acne that won’t go away even into adult hood..

All these symptoms have been improved or eradicated when the food ingested matches the dietary needs of the individual. “You are what you eat!”

“The key to Be Real is that it is NOT a conventional diet, it is a lifestyle change and an education in
REAL food which is maintainable for life not just short term weight loss.
It is a highly nutritious way of eating, supported by scientific research. It is designed to reset your appestat, thus reducing hunger and cravings leaving you satisfied for longer.”
It is not a fad, – no tricks or supplements, just real whole foods!

To find out more or book your program contact Belinda:

I am a nutritionist not a doctor or dietitian so if you have an existing condition any advice you follow should be with the support from your doctor.



Boulder love…

Despite my determination to get into sport climbing this summer, I just cant seem to shake my love for bouldering….could be that I recently returned from my third trip to Font this year!

I’m more psyched than ever for bouldering having climbed two 7b boulder problems in the last few weeks…one in Fontainbleau- ‘Le Mandarin sans convention’ and one on my local sandstone – ‘Maybe When your Older’. Super chuffed!

Here is a video of ‘Maybe When your Older’ which was a special route for me to repeat as it was originally put up by best friend Ben Read.

‘If you’d rather be climbing and injury free then antagonistic training and POWERFINGERS is the key!’

As I previously mentioned in blog 1, i’ve been on a bit of a mission to do a one armer by my 26th birthday; this has now been and gone and this video shows how close I got. I am really happy with this achievement not only because I pretty much did my one armer but because I increased my lock off strength (one of my weakest links) and most importantly did so injury free.

During this training period I had been asked to trial a new antagonistic training product called Powerfingers. It is designed to even out the imbalance created by constantly pulling when climbing to prevent the occurrence of elbow and finger injuries. Basically, when we climb we over use our agonist (pull) muscles like our biceps and fore arms. We must therefore balance our bodies out by working our triceps, wrist and finger extensors. Powerfingers is perfect for identifying weaknesses in antagonist finger and wrist strength and subsequently can be used to strengthen these weaknesses to prevent injuries occurring.

The pack contains 5 different resistance bands combining to provide over 125 different options to work with, whether rehabilitating or strengthening to prevent injury.

If I was going to get an elbow injury, training one armers and lock of strength, then going to Font was going to be the time, but with a little time spent doing antagonistic training using Powerfingers and doing triceps dips to even out my biceps I have remained completely injury free (and did a 7b in Font on my birthday 😉 )

After proving its worth during this period of training I am proud to now be a signed Powerfingers athlete, along with the legend himself, Gaz Parry.

I see this product as a way to PREVENT injuries such as golfers elbow occurring. This is such a common problem that cripples nearly every climber at some point in their careers, it is so unnecessary and hopefully can be a thing of the past with the use of this simple but effective product.

To get your own set and watch mine and Gaz’s testimonial videos please follow this link and make the most of our climbers discount:

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions on how to most effectively use this product. Videos showing the best techniques will shortly be available. Though this is a very gently, low resistant product if you feel any pain or discomfort please see a physio to check you are using it correctly.