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One Arm Pull Up Training- #1 Typewriters

A few months ago I set myself the challenge of completing a one arm pull up by my 26th birthday on 3rd August 2014.

After interest from climbers wanting to join me on this quest  I decided to start blogging my progress along with some videos of how to train your body to do a one armer.

These sets of videos begin with typewriters. Here we assume the individual can comfortably do at least 5 steady pull ups. If you are not yet at this stage keep working at them until they feel relatively easy. If you can not yet do one pull up the machines in the gym with assisted weights are helpful or if you don’t use a gym ask some one to assist you (or use a step) with your pull up and then lower off from the top of the lock off as slowly you can (eccentric contraction). If you stick with this lowering off process you will soon be able to pull up unassisted.

The idea behind type writers is to gently start applying more weight to one arm at a time; keep them slow and steady and make sure all training is supplemented with plenty of antagonistic training (e.g. push up, triceps dips and wrist curls).

Enjoy 🙂