Climbing / Yoga Retreats

Climbing Coaching – Yoga Classes- Bed and Breakfast 

Finca Margarita

Be Climbing presents to you the ultimate climbing and yoga experience.
Our good friend Nat Tanzer is a very tallented yoga instructor and runs her classes in the mountains with her family. Together we are offering a long relaxing and exilerating weekend of climbing and yoga in the beautiful Finca Margarita.

Dates:  Friday 3rd- Monday 6th May 2019

Cost: £295 p/p

Pene Roja- one of the stunning crags

Location: This year we are staying at Finca Margareta to experience the yoga in the mountains; gaining spectacular views and tranquility high up in the clouds. The climbing is still near by but the whole experience is more remote.

What’s on the agenda: Arrive on Friday 3rd May for a relaxing yoga class at the house before dinner at 7pm. Saturday and Sunday- wake for your 8.30am yoga class followed by your breakfast prepared by the host. The rest of the day will be spent climbing at one of many fantastic sport crags that lie within 30 minutes of the house. Return for dinner and rest around 6pm. Monday we will pack up and leave the house so we can climb for as long as possible at a crag on the way to the airpot. We aim to be climbing from 9am- 1pm.

Be coaching leading side by side with clients
Mountain views at Finca Margarita

Who is it for:
Beginner- Intermediate climbers.
From those able to belay and tie-in who just want to top rope up to those leading 6’s.

Rock and sun!

What is not included: flights and transfers (hire car recommended). Breakfast is included, Lunch is not, dinner is an optional extra for 10 Euros per night.

Our priority is a unique, high quality learning experience so the ratios are kept at 4-6 people maximum. For more information or to book onto this course please email me at