1 : 1 Coaching

£50 p/hr

£75- 1.5hrs

£90- 2hrs

 Learn new techniques, develop efficient movement patterns and understand how to improve  areas of weakness that are hindering your performance.  

For climbers who wish to improve and reach their potential, one to one coaching is the way forward. Visual analysis of your climbing performance will highlight areas which need work, it is likely there is an area of weakness that is holding you back from that next grade or goal.


12 Week Training Programme

Duration: Coaching once every 2 weeks for 12 weeks

6 x 1.5 Hrs Sessions plus written programme

1:1  Ratio = £495.00

2:1 Ratio = £750.00 (£375 each)

Research has found that if strength and power is built consistently over a 12 week period (40 sessions) it stays with you even after a year. Consistency is the key as the same difficulty of training done for just 6 weeks (20 sessions) can result in total loss of strength (to base line) after 6 months and the occasional one off strength session provides no gains. 

 This program is perfect for those really looking to make some changes in their climbing and overall strength, fitness and lifestyle. Following the initial performance analysis a daily training plan is provided and progression and coaching is provided fortnightly.


Confidence At Heights

Duration: 2 Hrs

1:1 Ratio = £100.00

2:1 Ratio = £70.00

Fear is one of the most debilitating aspect of climbing and often the area that holds people back the most. Be Climbing believes in process driven learning and coaches individuals to be present whilst climbing not hiding from their fears.       

 This session is designed for those with a fear of heights, fear of falling, fear of failure, fear of gear failure and many more psychological aspects that stop us form reaching our potential on a rope.